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    Raw materials:
natural rubber 20 %
synthetic rubber 60 %
silicones 20 %
Moulded-piece manufacturing:
on plan
on pattern
from a prototype to a series
  Rubber adhesion on metal
technical pieces
pieces repairing
  Semi-finished products
sheet rubber
ground mats
vehicle mats
Moulded technical articles
    The flexibility of our production enables the prototype vulcanisation until the series manufacturing of your technical pieces in rubber, special joints, vents, brackets, rings...

    We currently develop the following quality: natural, SBR, Nitril, Viton®, Neoprene®, Hypalon, Butyle, Silicon...

    According to the applications, mixtures can be black, coloured, nourishing, temperature or chemical product resistant…

Rubber and metal binding
    On demand, we can directly vulcanise all our polymers on most metal supports.

    On demand, the form of your wheels and rollers can be modified for cylindrical, concave, convex or with necks.

    We also produce all technical pieces mounted with a metal slot.

Rubber mats and sheets
    In order to better answer the client's demands, MPC offers a large range of polymer sheets and mats.

    Thickness can range from 1 to 50 mm with various surface, colour, polymer-quality configurations...

    Special cuts and productions are available on demand. Photo Sheets

    Synthetic rubber mats are the best as ground protections, machine rooms, vehicle floors, animal transports …

    All those products are available in drums, plates and cut on your measures.

    The unique propreties of these materials perfectly respond to the high-technology industry requirements like aerospace, aviation, biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry.

    Even classical and food industries need silicons.

Mechanical specifications:
- Hardness: from 25 to 80 shore A
- Elongation: from 200 to 900 %
- Buffing resistance: from 0,5 to 20 Mpa
- Tear resistance: up to 40 N/mm
- Density: 1,1 à 1,5 g/cm3
Temperature specifications:
from + 200°C (Transp.) to 260°C (Red)
Special quality up to 300°C
Standard quality: -60°C
Special qualities: -90 °C
Excellent resistance to oxidation, UV light, gamma rays, ozone, electric arc.
Chimical resistance
Good resistance to moderately-aggressive chimical products, liquid or oil, especially at high temperatures.
Electric qualities
Excellent isolation qualities. At high temperatures, surface resistivityAnd constant dielectric values.
Fluid and steam resistance
Resistance to water and low-pression steams. Weak water absorption, even in the long run.
Other propreties
With taste nor odour. Do not fade nor corrode. Not adequate for fungus or bactericidal development. Available in a wide range of colours.

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